what is Élanoura?

We are a global collective of women founders supporting one another as we build our legacies of impact.

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Élanoura was created to bring together women and non-binary leaders who want to make positive change through their businesses. Élanoura strives to enlighten, engage, and empower those founders who want to think beyond their own bottom line and infuse a higher purpose into what their companies produce beyond self-interest. It starts with the recognition that we each have the opportunity to take responsibility for what we put out into the world - including providing inspiration for others to follow.

meet the team

The Team
Behind Élanoura

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Erika Brechtel

founder & ceo

Erika Brechtel is an L.A.-based brand builder for women leaders and founders for 20 years, featured on Forbes, HuffPost, Popsugar, Today.com and SELF.

Erika speaks for organizations such as Bumble Bizz, the Junior League, and Fabletics, and is a volunteer and non-profit board member for over 30 years committed to the empowerment of women and girls globally.

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Erika is now living her best life raising a 13-year old mini-woman in Pacific Palisades, California.

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Haeun Park

web design & developer

Haeun Park is a website design and developer for purpose-driven founders and brands that value trust, generosity, and impact.

Through Made at Dawn, a website studio based in San Jose, CA, as well as through helping Erika with Élanoura, Haeun helps brands set the stage for their global impact.



Adrianna Nine

Writer & content consultant

Adrianna helps busy founders regain control of their time through intentional and impactful content strategy. When she isn't writing about technology trends or sustainable business practices, she's often found working on passion projects related to mental health and LGBTQ activism.

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Lauren Vigneron

Content Creator Specialist

Lauren Vigneron has a passion for content creation that promotes the most exposure for personal brands and businesses through short form videography. She works on an individual basis with clients, guiding them step by step to create content that is tailored to best fit their audience and needs.

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