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We are a collective of women founders from 24 countries
leading a life of light to elevate women globally.

global founder’s retreat

Join a #travelwithimpact volunteering business retreat with fellow women founders

From Morocco to Mallorca to Egypt and beyond, we're traveling together to enlighten, engage, and empower women around the world.

About Élanoura

As a social enterprise, we donate 10% of our fees to nonprofit initiatives and create impact opportunities for women founders to give their time, knowledge, and support to women across the globe.

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Global Founder's Retreat Greece

The dates and destination are set for our next Global Founder's Retreat! Join us September 22-28, 2024 as we explore together sites of feminine power. We will start and end in Athens, where we'll enjoy a private guided tour of the Acropolis, built in the 5th century BC as a home to the warrior goddess Athena.

We will also be volunteering in-person with a nonprofit empowering women refugees, and 10% will be donated to support their efforts.

This is an invite-only adventure. If you're a part of our Collective, you'll receive an invite via email. If not, sign up with us to receive an invite.