global founder's retreat

Élanoura Testimonials

Sheena Keo

"I went on this trip thinking it was a business trip with the hope of maybe making at least one friend, but what actually ended up happening was I met 9 lifelong friends that I happened to discuss business with."

"I will be forever grateful to Erika as she curated a group that included such diverse women whom all I could relate to in one way or another and I look forward to watching them all grow and succeed not only in business but their personal life. Anyone would be crazy NOT to attend something Erika puts together."

Oula Siblini

"I enjoyed the whole trip! Every day had a lot to offer and was well balanced with workshops and activities. I loved not knowing all the details of the places we visited. To me it added more magic to the experience."

"Coming in not knowing any of the ladies made me a bit nervous at first. I believe Erika did an amazing job selecting the candidates. Everyone was amazing, kind, supportive and had a lot to offer in terms of business and personal experiences. The place we stayed at was perfect. It felt like home and the food was delicious. There was a great level of attention to detail that elevated the experience. I am so grateful to have been part of this and to all the amazing connections I made. I was looking forward to being part of the Project Soar volunteering opportunity and I think that was an important part of the retreat. Thank you!!"

"Right people, right place, right time. What (I didn't know) I needed was the space to step back from the frenetic pace of life and have a chance to redefine my goals and reconnect with my authentic self. The Global Founder's Retreat was just that. I left the trip feeling energized, inspired, and so grateful to have been with this group, on this trip."

Heather Kosiek


"Élanoura Global Founder's Retreat is an experience you don't want to miss. You are surrounded by the beautiful Moroccan desert, colorful fabrics and gold rimmed dishes everywhere but most importantly you are surrounded by savvy women business owners. Supporting each other by elevating our skills and making a difference in each others lives. Not only did I come back refreshed and renewed I came back with a full heart of gratitude. I made friends for life and am ready to elevate my business to the next level! Thank you Erika for creating such a beautiful foundation."

Elizabeth Hall


"Thanks to the retreat, I found my group of trusted people and a space I can rely on. Although it was daunting at first to spend an entire week with strangers I only had one Zoom call with, throughout the week we got closer and closer to one another, started forming real relationships, which led to amazing discussions about work, life, and everything in between. I got to witness people breaking out of their comfort zones, realizing their worth, and finding clarity with the help of everyone in the group, and that's something I wish I can experience over and over again! And now, I'm grateful to have a group of people I can go to for help and know that we care for and love one another as friends."

Haeun Park


"This retreat was truly life changing. I felt my travel to be very purposeful since I was able to contribute to something much bigger than myself. I am so grateful to Erika for putting all of this together, with every detail intricately woven into the beauty of the retreat. It doesn’t matter what stage of business you are in, every woman leader needs a space like this. To feel empowered, comfortable, and unapologetic around other women that are free to do the same. The lifelong friendships I have made here will be taken with me forever. My mind is blown as I try to absorb every piece of valuable experience I got in such a short time. My body, mind, and soul are happy. Thank you Erika 💕"

Brianna Diaz


"Traveling with the Élanoura Founder Retreat was truly a life changing experience. The trip from start to finish was curated so beautifully, from the moment we got there. Greeted at our Pavilion with cocktails after a long travel day to the sweet personalized messages on our bed from the retreat leader Erika. The activities were inspirational for design but we also had incredible personal exploration while volunteering with Project Soar and the incredible young women there. We got a taste literally of Morocco with the most incredible chefs at Peacock Pavilion and at every restaurant we dined at. The food was divine, the architecture and design everywhere was perfection. Spending time at the property with a carefully curated collection of inspiring women from all over the country was an added treat! I enjoyed the presentations about growth, reflection and being able to tap into some self reflection time while there was very important. We had some adventure time riding camels in the desert, shopping the Souks but also complete pampering time at a Hammam. Wow! This trip has opened up my eyes to world travel, to the importance of connection with other woman in a way I never knew was possible. Seeing life beyond the walls of the small town I live in and the experiences I’ve had in my life so far… I want more! Morocco was literally a DREAM come true. Thank you Erika for curating this magical experience, I am flooded with gratitude."

Emily Mughannam