Day-by-Day Experience: Global Founder’s Retreat Morocco

The Global Founder’s Retreat has been described by participants as “an experience like no other,” one that they could not have imagined before attending. As a “retreat that checks all the boxes,” it provides women founders from around the world a unique opportunity to come together for purpose, connection, and impact. Take a peek into each day of the 2023 Morocco retreat to get a glimpse into why these women return home forever changed.

Day 1 🦚

Welcome to your oasis for the week! Our first day brings together women founders from around the world to this magical location beyond the bustle of Marrakech city. Designed by owners Chris and Maryam and built by local artisans, give-back hotel Peacock Pavilions holds a powerful, peaceful presence with curated accents around every corner. It’s the perfect place to provide the space for us to open up, explore, reflect and expand. 

Day 2 🕊

This is what it’s all about! Our group has the unique opportunity to connect in-person with local teen girls through non-profit Project Soar. Despite language barriers, we led an activity for the girls that focuses on self-love, empowerment and belief. Our “This is Me” activity allows the girls to see how their peers view them through character-based adjectives, and how they view themselves through artistic self-expression. 

Our stay at Peacock Pavilions helps fund Project Soar’s operations. Additionally, we give 10% of all sales from the retreat to the non-profit we partner with on each trip, allowing us to donate thousands of dollars each year. This year’s cohort collectively decided to contribute to Project Soar’s emergency campaign to provide supplies to the Syrian girls they support. 

We ended a fulfilling day with a night out in town at the stunning Le Jardin du Lotus.

Day 3 🕌

We start the day with development workshops, sessions led by subject matter experts within the group, followed by real life, heart-to-heart conversations. We find that despite not knowing each other previously and being of different ages, generations, cultural backgrounds, industries, and stages in our businesses, we share the same challenges, fears, limiting beliefs to overcome, and an innate desire to make our marks matter. 

We head to the Medina and are greeted by our fave guide Hamza to lead us through the winding walkways of the souk. We explore the colors and craftsmanship all around us, and let our curiosity take us into discovering new finds and perhaps a new part of ourselves not yet uncovered.

We end the day with a shared meal poolside, under lanterns and moonlight.

Day 4 ⛲️

After our morning workshops, we head into the “New City” to the Jardin Majorelle and the neighboring Rue du Majorelle, for a little wandering and boutique shopping. This was Yves Saint Laurent’s home and garden, where he retreated and replenished his own inspiration. For dinner, we stay out and start our evening with rooftop cocktails, finishing the starry night with a luxurious six-course Moroccan meal (and a lot of laughs!) in the “Old City” at Dar Yacout.

Sharing meals together, the conversations continue to deepen, and we find that the support of one another through encouragement and ideas for each other’s businesses create lifelong bonds. We know we will have each other’s back long after we return home. 

Day 5 🐪🐪🐪

Certainly a highlight of the trip, our desert expedition isn’t just a fun, picturesque jaunt; there’s a real sense of peace and ancient history that you feel when you’re out in the middle of the desert, majestic snow capped Atlas mountains in the distance, slowly swaying through pathways walked by the Bedouin for thousands of years. We feel honored to be welcomed here, taking refuge under the shade of a large tent and served a multi-course Moroccan lunch. 

Day 6 🧖🏻‍♀️

Our last full day together, and it’s hard to believe our time is coming to an end. We don’t want to leave, and some even extend their stay. We end the trip with two-hour traditional hammam black soap body scrub treatments and lymphatic massages, a specialty of Marrakech (most of us fall asleep). We gather together for our final dinner where we have this last opportunity to share what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown in the past week together. We share some tears and mostly laughs. And surprise… a grand finale! 💥

Day 7 ✈️

We leave with full hearts, replenished bodies, inspired minds, and newly uncovered parts of our souls we didn’t previously know were there. We leave considering what our legacies will be and how we can further our impact and fulfillment in this life. This group decides to continue the relationships, conversations and support through a monthly online enrichment cohort. 

“I leave with joy and gratitude in my heart because of all of you.”

“I had the most amazing time with all of you beautiful ladies. I’m not sure if I’ll ever top this trip.”

Join us for our next retreat!

📸 Photos and videos contributed by the Global Founder’s Retreat Morocco 2023 cohort 💞 @launchstudioco @ilovelacquer @carlahatler @sheena.keo @lizhallhomes @eezenaturalhealth @anastasia.kakagianni @madeatdawn @marisaperryatelier @ferial.artist @oulasiblini @ou_losangeles @maisonfarola @erikabrechtel

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