Featured on Forbes: How This Founder is Using Global Travel to Help Elevate Women

Founder Erika Brechtel and our first Global Founder’s Retreat featured in Forbes

“As opposed to only donating money to a cause, I knew that if these women got pushed a bit out of the daily grind of their comfort zones and had one-on-one interactions with real people outside their bubbles across the globe, that experience would be enough to jolt them out of any complacency around all the blessings they currently have and into the power they each have to do something with those blessings.”

Founder Erika Brechtel recently had the opportunity to share what we’re up to here and all that’s to come, with Forbes. Read all about it on Forbes.


Explore Greece with Fellow Women Founders

A business retreat, travel experience, networking event, and social impact opportunity all-in-one.

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