Free Workshop: What’s Your Brand’s Personality?

“Don’t dilute or downplay who you really are in order to fit into what you think others want you to be. You’re only doing a disservice to those you want to help, and frankly, either no one will buy it or they’ll be bored by it.”
— Founder and Brand Builder Erika Brechtel

We all know when someone isn’t being authentic — something just doesn’t feel quite right. But how can you figure out how to be authentically you? And how can that benefit your brand?

Founder Erika Brechtel guides you through a free 40-minute workshop to identify your BrandType Personality to help you own who you are and communicate authentically, effectively, and with the greatest impact.

Her BrandType Personality Framework consists of 12 distinct archetypes. But did you know that you are more than one personality? You are multi-faceted, and it is that unique combination of personalities that make up your distinct voice. Learn how to expand and grow that voice, and step fully into who you really are to shine brightly and stand out.

Take the free 40-minute BrandType Personality Workshop

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