Why a Retreat in Egypt is the Perfect Destination for Women Entrepreneurs

Egypt is a country with a rich history and culture that has been attracting tourists from all over the world for centuries. However, Egypt is not just a destination for tourists; it is also an ideal destination for women entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique and transformative business retreat. In this article, we will explore why Élanoura’s Global Founder’s Retreat in Egypt is a must-attend for women entrepreneurs.

Global Founder’s Retreat in Egypt

Élanoura’s Global Founder’s Retreat in Egypt is an exclusive invite-only 8-day, 7-night Egyptian excursion for women founders from around the world.

The retreat is designed to provide a unique and transformative experience for women entrepreneurs, combining business, travel, networking, and social impact opportunities. The retreat includes visits to the temples of Luxor, sailing on the ancient Nile in Aswan, and standing at the feet of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids at Giza.

The retreat also includes founder workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches from successful women entrepreneurs. The retreat provides a platform for women founders to share their experiences, learn from each other, and invest in global women founders through the Local Women Founders Pitch Day on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

Woman Yourist at Valley of the Kings in Luxor Egypt.

Rich History and Culture

Egypt is a country with a rich history and culture that dates back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians built some of the most impressive structures in the world, including the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. These structures are not only impressive feats of engineering but also provide a glimpse into the ancient Egyptian civilization. Visiting these sites can be a source of inspiration for women entrepreneurs, as they can learn from the ancient Egyptians’ ingenuity and creativity.

Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Egypt has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a growing number of startups and entrepreneurs. The country’s government has implemented policies to support entrepreneurship, and there are several accelerators and incubators that provide support and resources for startups. Visiting Egypt can provide women entrepreneurs with an opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and gain new insights into the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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A business retreat, travel experience, networking event, and social impact opportunity all-in-one.

Local Culture and Cuisine

Egypt has a unique and vibrant culture, with a rich history of art, music, and literature. Women entrepreneurs can immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting museums, art galleries, and attending cultural events. Egyptian cuisine is also a unique and delicious experience, with a variety of dishes that are both healthy and flavorful.

Stunning Landscapes

Egypt is a country with diverse landscapes, from the deserts of the Sahara to the lush Nile River Valley. The country’s natural beauty can provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for women entrepreneurs to recharge and gain new perspectives. The Nile River, in particular, is a source of life for Egypt, and sailing on the river can be a unique and memorable experience for women entrepreneurs.

Personal Growth

Business retreats provide a chance for women founders to step out of their comfort zones, explore new places, and gain new experiences. These experiences can help women entrepreneurs develop resilience, creativity, and adaptability, which are essential qualities for any successful entrepreneur. Personal growth is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship, and a business retreat in Egypt can provide an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to grow both personally and professionally.

Female Entrepreneurship in Egypt

Egypt has a growing number of female entrepreneurs who are making a significant impact on the country’s economy. According to a report by Salaam Gateway, the Egyptian government has implemented policies to support female entrepreneurship, and there are numerous examples of Egyptian female entrepreneurs who have succeeded in establishing flourishing businesses that are competitive locally, regionally, and even worldwide. The success stories vary from leading industrial projects, to tourism, education, health, finance, and other service companies, and to venturing into the tech industry.

A retreat in Egypt is the perfect destination for women entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique and transformative business retreat. The country’s rich history and culture, stunning landscapes, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, accessibility, affordability, local culture, and cuisine make it an ideal destination for women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs who are interested in attending a business retreat in Egypt can explore options such as Élanoura’s Global Founder’s Retreat or other retreats that cater to women entrepreneurs.

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