Unveiling the New Global Founder’s Retreat Destination: Egypt 2024

We’re excited to present to you a remarkable opportunity that fuses business, culture, networking, and impact in an extraordinary package. Which is why we are beyond excited to announce the next Global Founder’s Retreat destination: Egypt!

At Élanoura, we believe in elevating women globally, and this retreat is a manifestation of that commitment. We’re thrilled to invite you to an exclusive 8-day, 7-night Egyptian odyssey that promises not just a travel experience, but an immersive journey designed to rejuvenate your business perspective, connect you with fellow visionaries, and empower the community you explore.

A Fusion of Business, Travel, and Impact

Our Global Founder’s Retreats have garnered a reputation for being so much more than just traditional business retreats. They are crafted to be transformative experiences that blend the strategic with the soulful, the practical with the passionate. This year, we’re taking our mission to the enchanting land of Egypt, a place that holds both ancient wonders and modern opportunities.

An Investment in Women Founders Worldwide

What sets our Global Founder’s Retreat Egypt apart is our dedication to making a lasting impact. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to introduce the Local Women Founders Pitch Day. This is not just a business event; it’s a chance for you to invest in global women founders, particularly those in Egypt.

With a 10% impact give back included in your fee, you’re directly contributing to the prize money for winning businesses, which we personally select. Your participation not only supports women-owned businesses but also extends a helping hand to youth without parental care in Egypt, who will be instrumental in organizing and executing this inspiring event.

A Journey Beyond Boundaries

This retreat isn’t just about business; it’s about transformation, exploration, and leaving a positive footprint. As we venture into the heart of Egypt, we’ll explore its captivating history, vibrant culture, and awe-inspiring landmarks. Imagine walking through ancient temples, sailing along the Nile, and connecting with local communities.

Join us in Egypt!

Whether you’re a seasoned founder or just beginning your entrepreneurial path, the Global Founder’s Retreat Egypt welcomes you. Let’s explore, empower, and elevate together in the land where history meets innovation, and dreams become realities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we reveal the intricate details of this life-changing retreat. Join us on this remarkable expedition to Egypt – a journey that promises to not just change your business, but also touch your soul.

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