Why Building a Business that Matters, Matters

How can you answer the call?

We’re seeing a seismic shift in the way people do business. Gone are the days when brands could blindly advertise goods and services to consumers who needed what you had. Today’s audiences are mindful of how their choices impact others and how brands interact with the world around them. Traditional marketing—“the way we’ve always done it”—doesn’t meld with this empowered, more intentional world. 

In the wake of this shift, it’s up to the next generation of brand owners to launch and maintain businesses that give power to their audiences, and allow them to wield that power in ways that better us all. Women founders are ready to rise to the occasion. After decades of a male-dominated, aggressive, winner-take-all business mentality, it’s time for a new paradigm that integrates empathy, generosity, and compassion—all strengths female founders have at their disposal naturally, if only they can overcome common roadblocks and align with their purpose and path.

Female entrepreneurs are the leaders needed now to evolve business:

  • From Aggression to Compassion
  • From Winner-Takes-All Greed to Radical Generosity
  • From Toxic Masculinity to Human Empathy

from purely profit-driven to authentically purpose-driven for powerful and meaningful results.


There are currently 11.6 million woman-owned businesses here in the US. Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll found that 42 percent of Gen Z’s (those born between 1995 and 2012) aim to invent something that will transform the world. That’s over 27 million people looking to make their mark matter.

After 20 years of working with hundreds of clients one-on-one, I’ve developed a formula that helps female founders overcome common brand blocks and develop the core identifiers of their brands. With these insights, founders are able to confidently bring forth businesses that not only come from the heart, but also speak to today’s warmer, more conscious audience. 

01. Elevate.

Getting over the Self

02. Integrate.

Aligning with What Really Matters to You
  • Once we elevate from self-centeredness to selflessness and start to work on the best version of ourselves, only then can we work on the best version of our businesses. We can start to dig deep into the heart of the matter: that is, what really matters to you? Who matters to you? What do you care about, what do you want to bring into the world? And how can YOU bring that uniquely and authentically?
  • Here identify your 4 P’s – your People, Purpose, Positioning, and Personality that will shape an unshakable foundation for your business like a home base from which to create you can return to again and again. 

03. Create.

Bringing It Into Reality
  • Now that you have determined who you are at your core, what the whole point is, and who’s it all for, you can concretely map out how you want to give your value back to your community and world, through both the action and the inspiration.
  • We start with some reflection to develop a one-word intention that will act as your inspiration.
  • Then you can create a strategy plan for yourself, utilizing what you’ve learned thus far to activate your initiatives towards your larger goal.

It’s about building the legacy you want to leave behind.

These three steps help build your Legacy – how you will be remembered and impact others in a deep, meaningful and lasting way. Because at the end of it all, what will you hope mattered? What would you like to leave behind and how would you like to be remembered? How can you start working towards that now?

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