Women Founders Volunteer to Help End Child Marriage in Morocco with Project Soar

14% of girls in Morocco are married before their 18th birthday. One big factor is when a girl does not continue her education – in part because she is missing school during “that time of the month.” 

Our first Global Founder’s Retreat to Morocco was a life-transformative experience for us lucky women founders who participated.

With College Moxie founder Lizz Clark, we put together an “empowerment word” bracelet activity where each participant selected a power word and beaded a bracelet with it — either in English or Arabic.

We worked in teams and despite language barriers, were able to help each other with creating our bracelets in both languages together. We all learned a little more about ourselves and one another, deepening our connection to the larger global impact we each have the power to make.

The retreat participants all eventually returned home with open hearts and the new emotional bond formed through the experience that will affect our decisions moving forward in our personal lives and our businesses.

Project Soar

For the girls at Project Soar, we were able to provide real-world generational impact for them and their families will come from the $3208 USD donation we collectively made that will provide a menstrual solution for 255 girls to stay in school for three years — helping to reduce the rate of child marriage in Morocco. 

Get Involved

But YOU too can help! With just $12, you can supply a hygienic period panty for one girl and keep her in school, less likely to result in dropping out, child marriage and early motherhood, helping her continue on to higher education and future employment to generate income that helps her and her family break the cycle of poverty.

Take action and be a part of the solution to end period poverty and child marriage, with just $12: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/preventing-period-poverty-for-girls-in-morocco/

And you’d like to be a part of our next #travelwithimpact adventure and give back too, join us now!

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