Unleashing Impact – Global Founder’s Retreat Spain 2023: Join Élanoura in Elevating Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

At Élanoura, we believe in the power of impact and the transformative potential of coming together as a community.

One of the unique aspects of our Global Founder’s Retreats is the opportunity to volunteer with local nonprofits at our retreat destinations.

These partnerships allow us to engage directly with vulnerable populations, creating meaningful connections and driving positive change.

One such partnership that has touched our hearts is with Project Soar in Morocco. Through volunteering with Project Soar, we have the privilege of supporting teen girls who face significant challenges in their daily lives, such as lack of access to period supplies, which hinders their education and future.

In Spain, our focus shifts to supporting women survivors of violence through our collaboration with Fundació IRES. As we stand beside these courageous women who have left difficult situations, we witness firsthand the resilience and strength they possess.

It is an emotional experience that deeply impacts both the individuals we serve and ourselves. To further extend our impact, we donate 10% of retreat fees to our nonprofit partners, ensuring that our contribution continues long after we return home.

Engaging with real people facing real challenges brings a new level of meaning to our efforts. It bridges the gap between abstract causes and personal connection, allowing us to understand and empathize with those we strive to support.


Explore Greece with Fellow Women Founders

A business retreat, travel experience, networking event, and social impact opportunity all-in-one.

Each Global Founder’s Retreat becomes a profound journey of personal transformation as we come together from around the world to share stories, resilience, and hope. This is why we have made in-person volunteering an integral part of every retreat experience, as it offers a chance for collective growth and empowerment.

We recognize that being a founder can be a lonely and demanding path, but we want to remind you that you are not alone. Our retreats provide the time, space, and support needed to recharge, find connection, and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

This is why we would love to invite you to join us on our next Global Founder’s Retreat in Spain this September! Embrace this opportunity to discover your potential, kindle inspiration, and join fellow entrepreneurs who are forging their own paths. Together, we can make a lasting impact that truly matters.

Step into this transformative journey with Élanoura and witness the power of your abilities, resources, and support. Let us come together to create a world where women entrepreneurs thrive and empower others to do the same.

Join us in Mallorca for the next Global Founder’s Retreat!

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