Élanoura Collective


Speakers at the Global Founder's Retreat or Conference. Join the Élanoura Collective to apply!

Founder & CEO, Alex Cole Studio

"“Art Activity: Opening Your Creativity Through Opening Your Heart”"


""Aligning Your Organization to Its Vision""

Founder & CEO, Bri Gainz LLC

"“Strength Building & Mindful Movement to Optimize Energy & Clarity”"

Founder & CEO, Élanoura, Inc.


Website Developer, Made at Dawn

"Website & Email Marketing Essentials"

Founder, Launch Studio Consulting

"“How to Build a Go-To Market Strategy”"

Founder, Awakening Wisdom

"Collaboration & Empowerment through Empathic Listening"

Founder & CEO, College Moxie

""Perfectionism and the Lies We Tell Ourselves""

Co-Founder, Marisa Perry Atelier

""20 Lessons Learned in Building a Successful Business""

Founder & CEO, SMK & Company

"“20 Questions to Company Compliance""

One of the advantages of joining the Élanoura Collective is the opportunity to share your subject matter expert knowledge internationally to help set other women up for success with what you uniquely bring.

If you are a member and would like to be considered for an in-person presentation or virtual workshop, please contact us with the details. If you are not a member yet, please join here.